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Environmental policies





Daas Baksteen is well aware of the issues involved in the extraction of raw materials and the impact on the environment. The excavation in Netterden also provides us with our sand and shingle which is quarried after we have extracted the clay. After extraction, the area is cultivated and restored back to its original delta providing a natural habitat for the local flora and fauna to develop uninhibitedly.



The original landscape of the area is only slightly affected due to the enormously thick layer of clay in Winterswijk which requires minimal disruption to the surrounding environment to be cleanly quarried. The initial but already exhausted clay pit has recently been transformed into a pond and is again part of the natural landscape, promoting both a green landscape and home to many varieties of animal and bird life. The transport distance from quarry to production is very short and all within the grounds of the factory.




We are continually looking into energy saving measures at Daas Baksteen. The bricks are dried and preheated using cooling heat from the kilns, recycling as much of our energy as possible. The latest kiln technology reduces energy consumption to a minimum. The use of smaller sized bricks (width of 8 and 9 cm), in particular, results in the same m² external wall surface at 10% to 20% lower energy costs. This dematerialisation is significant throughout the production process. Less raw materials, less freight charges, less transport movements and less energy consumption equates to less damage to the environment. The brick industry participates in the Second Multi-annual Agreement for Energy Efficiency (MJA-2) to further optimise energy consumption in brick production. Implementing energy saving measures, carrying out research into new developments and designing low-energy products are all part of this process.


Transport lines are harmonised with the volume speed of the products due to sophisticated warehouse and pile field subdivisions. The most prevalent and frequently manufactured ranges are assigned the shortest distances. This ensures that the miles covered by the transportation vehicles are reduced to the minimum. All our lorries are equipped with flue gas/soot filters to ensure less damaging exhaust fumes are emitted.




Daas Baksteen is promoter of Hulo packaging that is used to package the product. The Hulo packaging is unique due to the specific stacking of bricks in the Hulo provides a large degree of stability. All lorries and vehicles at the building site have been adapted for working with the Hulo packaging.


All used foil is recyclable and environmentally friendly.




Daas ClickBrick has a low voluminous weight due to the lack of masonry mortar and pointing mortar and has, therefore, a positive effect on the environment. A clean product that is implemented without mechanical and energy-consuming tools. The dry stacked bricks make ClickBrick perfect for reuse. By simply unstacking the bricks, they can immediately be reused elsewhere. Here too no mechanical demolition tools are required and no burdening substances are released. More information on the positive effect of ClickBrick on the environment is available in the ECOfys calculations Novem report (No. 4700007140).


A step forward…


We have taken a step forward at our new De Volharding factory in achieving an optimum workplace where the environment is given a high priority. A gigantic cyclone exhausts 60,000 m³ of air per hour. The dust is returned, together with the rinsing sand, as slurry which is incorporated into the clay bulge. In addition, the rinsing water is recycled in large basins in a closed system and then again used as rinse water at extrusion and loading.


Occupational health and safety


Daas Baksteen continually invests in the welfare of its employees. Factors such as low noise levels, the occurrence of impact sound and an ergonomic work posture are taken into account when purchasing production resources.

The workplaces are spacious and, where possible, benefit from natural light.

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