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We love to help!


There are several ways to contact us. You can fill out the contact form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Daas Baksteen is a business to business partner only. If you are a consumer and are interested in Daas Baksteen bricks, please contact your local construction materials supplier.


Our sample request service is only available to construction professionals (fa. architects, project developers and contractors).

Daas Baksteen Zeddam B.V.


Business address

Terborgseweg 30
7045 AL Azewijn

MAILING address

PO Box 12
7038 ZG Zeddam

Telephone: +31 (0)314 - 65 16 44
Fax: +31 (0)314 - 65 24 19

Chamber of Commerce: 09085009



Peter Ratering
Patrick van Uum
Marian Helmes

Martijn Olde Samson

Anniek Markhorst




Walter Bierens (Project Manager)




Gert Jan den Daas
Hans Nijkamp
Arie van Zadelhoff

Lynn den Daas-Young

Field Sales


Frank_Hulshof.jpgFrank Hulshof


Roel_Grunwald_2.jpgRoel Grunwald

Stijn van Sommeren-Stijn van Sommeren  


Wim_Robbertsen.jpgWim Robbertsen


Sales Department


Peter_Ratering.jpgPeter Ratering


Patrick_van_Uum.jpgPatrick van Uum

Foto_M..jpgMarian Helmes



   Martijn Olde Samson Martijn Olde Samson









Sales Street Bricks


Jan R. Boeve
06 2394 8731





Walter_Bierens(1).jpgWalter Bierens (Projectleider)




Managing Board


Gert_Jan_den_Daas.jpgGert Jan den Daas


Hans.jpgHans Nijkamp

Arie van Zadelhoff_1.jpgArie van Zadelhoff

  Lynn den Daas.jpg
Lynn den Daas-Young




Ron_Dassen.jpgRon Dassen


Edwin_Daams.jpgEdwin Daams (ClickBrick)

Manfred_Gerber.jpgManfred Gerber (De Vlijt)



Head of Technical Service



André Bruntink




Financial Administration



Tanja Kuster (adm.medew.)

Kitty_Baakman.jpgKitty Baakman (adm. medew.)




Complementary Services


Freddy_Bruntink.jpgFreddie Bruntink (Kwaliteitscontr.)


Rogier Sanders.jpgRogier Sanders (expeditie)


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