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The ClickBrick® range is manufactured at our factory in Zeddam. These special extruded bricks are custom milled and grooved to size after being fired in the kiln, resulting in the exact shape and size, with a tolerance of less than +/- 0.1 mm on the quoted height. The resulting built finish of the external wall is very smooth and clean, requiring little or no maintenance. Please find an overview of the standard range. Other options are of course possible.


For technical information download the application leaflet.


Or see our ClickBrick instruction movie


Daas ClickBrick


The Daas ClickBrick system is a leader in sustainable facades. The system reduces the use of building materials, resulting in maintenance-free facades and all fully recyclable. These are just a few of its many sustainable features.



The system consists of individually fired clay units that are post fired enigineered and specially calibrated to provide grooved bricks that are connected to one another and the substrate by means of stainless steel clips and wall ties. The clips are specifically designed so that the individual elements are held together.


Fewer materials

Daas ClickBrick bricks ard dry stacked. No mortar is used and there is no unsightly joint. With no mortar required no water is needed and per square meter laid, less materials are being used in the construction. 


Unusual architecture

ClickBrick provides a fully fired, highly durable, individual ceramic unit façade completely devoid of conventional mortar joints that would be associated with traditional brickwork. The ceramic units combine as one to act as a brick rain screen walling system. The result is a clean sharp, modern looking wall of monumental value. One of the key elements of sustainability. 


Maintenance-free walls

A Daas ClickBrick façade is maintenance free. Like conventional external clay brickwork, ClickBrick will age naturally but without the concerns of having to re-point the brickwork. In addition the inherent ventilation created by the system, prevents any build up of moisture. Due to the absence of mortared joints there is no efflorescence or staining of the finished brickwork that is sometimes associated with conventional Brickwork systems. 


Full recycling

Recycling is an important social issue. Where the traditional bricks are re-used as aggregate for road building and concrete manufacture, the Daas ClickBrick system can be completely re-used. The waste is limited to a very small percentage of broken or damaged bricks.



For more inspiration see our ClickBrick brochure






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